Fermentation Status: 5 Brews of Kombucha, Kimchee, Pickled Veggies & 3 loafs of Sourdough Bread

To start with, we have four jars of Kombucha fermenting and waiting to be bottled and put into the fridge.

Next, we have out big monster jar of continuous brew of Kombucha. The jar we purchased at Happy Herbalist, which has tons of supplies for natural healing.

I, personally, like to drink Kombucha this way….natural, room-temperature and right from the scoby.

We are making our own Kimchee and Pickled Veggies. I gave on some Kimchee to Mariana, Grandma and put some in Shon’s lunch. I refrigerated some of the Pickled Vegetables to have as a snack throughout the day and will continue to ferment the rest of them for another day or so.

Now, my latest fermentation, Sourdough Bread. The picture below shows the “sponge” stage of the fermentation process. I still have to add 2 cups of flour, let rise and kneed. The process of making the sourdough “starter” is easy, click here to find out how.

Los and lots of ecosystems are growing in my kitchen!!!


Kombucha Updated

Remember, a few days ago, I talked about brewing Kombucha and showed how to make it yourself?

Well, I have updated pictures and information to share with you. (Refer the the blog just under this one for definitions)

First off, we bought two different “scobies” from Ebay. We used the same green tea/sugar mixtures for both scobies. The scobies came with starter tea. (Tea that has already had cultures brewing in it)

We have noticed a difference between the two. Here are some pictures and descriptions:

In the 1st jar, the tea has stayed clear, but has produced a lot of yeast cells (AKA- Vitamin B). Also the Mother Culture (the starter scoby) is laying on the bottom of the jar. The next scoby is beginning to form, so everything is looking good.

In the 2nd jar, the tea is quite cloudy and it hasn’t produced much yeast cells yet. The Mother Culture has stayed on top.

The are a lot of factors that effect the tea; Temperature, Light/darkness, how much tea, how much sugar, starter tea, ect… It in NOT an exact science.

We will give it more time to continue to ferment

To Be Continued……

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