Custom Memory T-Shirt Blankets by Krista Lawhon

Hi and Welcome to my blog.. .. I make custom T Shirt Memory Blankets.

Unlimited Amount of Items: may include Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jersey’s, Children’s Clothes, Scarves, Towels, Blankets, Tank Tops, Boxers, Pants, Ribbons, Patches, Button-ups, Hats…
as long as it’s fabric, I sew it into the blanket.. I send back the items I don’t use with the final blanket.

I try to use the front and back of all shirts, sleeves and all parts of special items.

Unlimited Size: most of the time, the amount of shirts determine the size, but I can make it any size your prefer.

Extras: Bordering – add length and width by framing each shirt and/or outer edge.

Other Items: Pillows, Throws, Scarves, Duvets, Pillowcases, and any other suggestions or ideas you light have.

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The Process:

Gather your items that you have… you would then send them to me.. I then, organize, sort and cut. I cut the size depending on the largest print. Each blanket is unique and made for the items given to me.

I will take pictures and email them to you..from there we can rearrange, change, take out.. so on.. each step I ask for approval..

Price includes:

– Cutting, Organization, design and Layout
– Sewing, thread, time, pictures
– Fabric(s) (if needed – for back)
– Interfacing (strengthen shirts if needed)
– Batting (1/2 inch padding)
– Tacking

can work in payments if needed.

I accept: PayPal, Personal Check, Money Order & Trade

Please ask me anything. I am open and have fun doing this. I am approachable and flexible.

Thank you for your interest and time.

the extra t shirt scraps go to Emily:
Check out her handmade RUGS! – Upcycled!

๐Ÿ™‚ thank you & BIG hug

~Krista Lawhon

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Handmade Jewlery Box – plant themed, beads, buttons and LOVE

This week I have spent time unleashing my artist side through beads, buttons and a few other crafty items.. Here is what I made with a wooden jewelry box:

The little compartments are my favorite part, but I do like the slide out on the lower half.

I cut out plant images from a favorite magazine of mine and used some Mog Podge to stick the pieces on and also puts a shimmer glaze on top. I took beads and buttons and strategically placed them. The top right corner has a jubilee of beads.

Beads outline the inner part of the slide out accompanied by beautiful plant photos.

the upper compartments have been painted and embellished with photos and beads.

the sides of the box are photos of greenery from different outdoor plants and of coursed lines with beads.

the underside also has a full sized green scenery.

I had a great making this.. I think we should all just sit and create at times.. it’s good for the soul.

launched my new website for my Custom T Shirt Blankets

Testimonials, Pictures Albums and Info…

Custom T Shirt Blankets

T Shirt Memory Blankets Keepsake Heirloom Great IDEA!!!

hi. I have been quite busy lately and haven’t kept up my blog recently.. I would like to promise that I will get started with a weekly blog post, but can’t promise that…. (thinking.. ) ..

I wanted to show a couple of photos of my resent Memory T Shirt Blanket that I custom-made:

Heirloom Keepsake

T Shirt Memory Blanket Double-Sided

I just finished this blanket today… it’s on its way back to its rightful owner, who I hope LOVES it…

I sell thru Etsy at Krista’s Kreations

also you may email me at

R u on Twitter?: KristaLawhon

Facebook?: Krista’s Kreations

What I & U do:

You can gather all kinds of items: shirts, sweatshirts, boxers, handkerchiefs, scarves, jersey’s, ..anything fabric and I will sew together a unique, custom-made memory t-shirt blanket that you can keep forever … maybe even pass down…
Once I receive your items, I will spend time cutting them and laying them out.. I will take pictures and email them to you..and ask for approval before going on to the next step or spend time rearranging the shirts for your perfect style. .

Price includes:

– Cutting, Organization, design and Layout
– Sewing, thread, time, pictures
– Fabric(s) (if needed – for back)
– Interfacing (strengthen shirts if needed)
– Batting (1/2 inch padding)

More information: on my site or email me.. thank you and big hug…

Biggest T-Shirt Memory Blanket yet! 9.5″ x 10′ !!! – with border

9.5 x 10 feet – with border

* thank you, Shon Lawhon for helping with the pictures..the blanket wouldn’t fit on our floor in the house.. it’s too big! So, we brought it outside and hung it over our storage garage.

These are a bunch of shirts that belong to my friends boyfriend.. I sewed them up into a huge cozy blanket for their daily use..

I also added the border in between the shirts. Look good, I think…


I also have available: Personal Digital Photo ‘squares’ .. you may inlcude any and all photos that you like to your memory blanket. You options are abundant. From collages to single photos.

You do not have to do the graphic work, I can do it. Just send me the pictures or email them to me.


I use sleeves and front logos as well. Any print that is on your items, I will use. You may include, sweatshirts, pants, dresses, flags, ribbons, hats, socks, button up, bags… anything fabric…



Once I recieve the shirts, they will get cut to the correct size for your shirts and things… then I will lay them out and take pictures.. front there, together we can rearrange, change how we (you ) see fit.

Until it’s perfect.

*picture: this is the back of this particular blanket.. but you may include on shirts on both sides if you have the amount needed.

and my etsy shop:

I am open and flexible. please contact me at anytime..

thank you and big hug.



Do you have a loved one who has passed away? Want to preserve their memories?

What a beautiful idea…

cuddling up tightly around your loved ones clothes, shirts &ย  items when you miss them or just need to spend time with them.

I recently made four memory blankets for a family whose father/husband had passed away..๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Colleen, wife and mother, kept all of his clothes, socks even!ย  and had me create these beautiful memory blankets. We also added digital photo ‘squares’ to the blanket.. I made a collage of varies photos of their dear Father plus their favorite photo of him in a field of sunflowers.. what a beautiful memory to hold on too.

I made this pillow to them as a gift. Here’s the other photos of the pillow:

His birthday would have been on Valentine’s Day! I know they miss him, but I do hope that these blankets brought an enjoyment to their hearts they haven’t felt since his own hugs. I do believe he is still with us and that I felt him a lot making these blankets.. very big warm hug to you and yours, Colleen.

Loving what I do….


Thank you Thank you Thank you… feeling blessed.

Happy New Year – Fresh, Clean Starts

Happy New Year! Wow… doesn’t time fly by fast…??

How exciting to march into this next year…. Positive things are happening for both Shon and me. Shon, has started Barber school and is looking forward to graduating and starting to build his own clientele. He has also gotten back together with Still Dreadful, his long term band and friends. We are looking forward to many shows!

As for me, my Etsy shop has been keeping me pleasurably busy.

I create T Shirt Blankets or as some people refer to them as Memory Quilts. Either way, I create a very special unique gift for yourself or for a loved one.. aย  memorable gift… unforgettable even..





I also now include digital photos shirts:



Gather your older t-shirts from sorority, fraternity, fire academy, bands, sports, college, high-school, girls/boy scouts, Police, ANYTHING..Harley Davidson Shirts. so on…
You can gather: boxers, handkerchiefs, scarves, socks, fabric..anything fabric and I’ll sew them together in an unique, custom made t-shirt blanket that you can keep forever and cherish those memories by hugging them on the couch at night.

I take pictures of every step and ask for approval before going on to the next step.

Price includes:
– Cutting, Organization, design and Layout
– Sewing, thread, time, pictures
– Fabric(s) (if needed – for back)
– Interfacing (strengthen shirts if needed)
– Batting (1/2 inch padding)

bordering: extra $18

sashing: extra $23
I can work in payments if needed.

I except: PayPal, Personal Check, Money Order & Trade

Please ask me anything. I am open and have fun doing this. I am approachable and flexible.

You might be interested in adding a matching pillow:

the extra t shirt scraps go to:
for her handmade t shirt rugs!

Here is my Etsy Shop:

my FaceBook Page

my FB personal page

Thumbtack: all my photos and reviews

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