Handmade Jewlery Box – plant themed, beads, buttons and LOVE

This week I have spent time unleashing my artist side through beads, buttons and a few other crafty items.. Here is what I made with a wooden jewelry box:

The little compartments are my favorite part, but I do like the slide out on the lower half.

I cut out plant images from a favorite magazine of mine and used some Mog Podge to stick the pieces on and also puts a shimmer glaze on top. I took beads and buttons and strategically placed them. The top right corner has a jubilee of beads.

Beads outline the inner part of the slide out accompanied by beautiful plant photos.

the upper compartments have been painted and embellished with photos and beads.

the sides of the box are photos of greenery from different outdoor plants and of coursed lines with beads.

the underside also has a full sized green scenery.

I had a great making this.. I think we should all just sit and create at times.. it’s good for the soul.


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