T Shirt Memory Blankets Keepsake Heirloom Great IDEA!!!

hi. I have been quite busy lately and haven’t kept up my blog recently.. I would like to promise that I will get started with a weekly blog post, but can’t promise that…. (thinking.. ) ..

I wanted to show a couple of photos of my resent Memory T Shirt Blanket that I custom-made:

Heirloom Keepsake

T Shirt Memory Blanket Double-Sided

I just finished this blanket today… it’s on its way back to its rightful owner, who I hope LOVES it…

I sell thru Etsy at Krista’s Kreations

also you may email me at Krista.Lawhon@gmail.com

R u on Twitter?: KristaLawhon

Facebook?: Krista’s Kreations

What I & U do:

You can gather all kinds of items: shirts, sweatshirts, boxers, handkerchiefs, scarves, jersey’s, ..anything fabric and I will sew together a unique, custom-made memory t-shirt blanket that you can keep forever … maybe even pass down…
Once I receive your items, I will spend time cutting them and laying them out.. I will take pictures and email them to you..and ask for approval before going on to the next step or spend time rearranging the shirts for your perfect style. .

Price includes:

– Cutting, Organization, design and Layout
– Sewing, thread, time, pictures
– Fabric(s) (if needed – for back)
– Interfacing (strengthen shirts if needed)
– Batting (1/2 inch padding)

More information: on my site or email me.. thank you and big hug…


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