Do you have a loved one who has passed away? Want to preserve their memories?

What a beautiful idea…

cuddling up tightly around your loved ones clothes, shirts &  items when you miss them or just need to spend time with them.

I recently made four memory blankets for a family whose father/husband had passed away.. 😦

Colleen, wife and mother, kept all of his clothes, socks even!  and had me create these beautiful memory blankets. We also added digital photo ‘squares’ to the blanket.. I made a collage of varies photos of their dear Father plus their favorite photo of him in a field of sunflowers.. what a beautiful memory to hold on too.

I made this pillow to them as a gift. Here’s the other photos of the pillow:

His birthday would have been on Valentine’s Day! I know they miss him, but I do hope that these blankets brought an enjoyment to their hearts they haven’t felt since his own hugs. I do believe he is still with us and that I felt him a lot making these blankets.. very big warm hug to you and yours, Colleen.

Loving what I do….


Thank you Thank you Thank you… feeling blessed.


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