Watch Me Grow – Part 2 – My Etsy Shop Handmade Crafts

Okay, I know it’s been awhile since my first “Krista’s Kreations – Watch Me Grow” blog entry….a week or so….

….I have been taking care of a sick household and myself…+ sewing, knitting and crafting….

I have just started this “crafty” thing and was motivated by Last month, I receive a sewing machine from my mom for my birthday!

I started sewing, knitting and making flower hair clips just about a month ago. My first knitting project was a knitted pocket purse, dsc019353which I gave away to a friend and I have made a few flower hair clips that I listed on my shop.

However, today I finished three projects:

The Zipper Handbag – Purse


it even has feet


and a zipper tail…


AND, two pockets….


Pretty good, hau? I patted myself on the back for it.

This purse was my second attempt at sewing….

I also made another pocket purse, but this one is a bit bigger than the last….it fits my camera….the camera that my husband bought me for my birthday this month!!! Thank you, honey….



As you can see, I have been keeping myself busy.

Busy Being Crafty.

Now, for the finial project that I have been working on….More Flower Hair Clips (Barrettes)

here are a few….

Thank you for your interest in my artsy farty stuff. I have been having a lot of fun making it. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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