Watch Me Grow…Just Starting an Etsy Shop, Handmade Crafts


First Blog on my Etsy Shop

What’s Etsy????… let me explain,

It’s the coolest shopping website online, IT’S ALL HANDMADE…

Its kinda like Ebay, but NO AUCTIONS…just a STOREYOUR STORE..or in my case, MY STORE.

20 cent listing fee…WAIT!!! there’s a catch..

You have to make the items youself… HANDMADE GOODS…..CRAFTS…ANYTHING YOU WANT…Truly?

Isn’t this unbelievable!!!


Etsy has motivated me to make stuff…..

be creative…..

I just received a new sewing machine –  (thanks to my mom – a birthday gift) 🙂   Love her…

I have made one over-the-shoulder bag with some material and pattern that my mom let me have. : )

I sewed the strap on wrong after my husband spend about an hour reversing the fabric for me. He is my Hero….learned many mistakes on that project, but only to make a better one next time…. For my first project, not bad…

I have also spent time the my knitting needles. Re-learning how to knit. I don’t think I have ever finished a knitting project until about a week ago.

My First Pocket Purse…dsc019351

This pocket purse got sent to a friend Sarah, in Germany, with a piece of jewelry I made for her too.

My creative juices are flowing…

I also have started making Hair Barrettes…Currently being sold in my Etsy Shop.

Red Hibiscus – $6.00


Fuchsia Fantasy – $4.00

This one SOLD


Snowflake – $2.00


I am at my first point (starting point) with Etsy, my crafts and my talent.

Watch me grow…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 13:26:44

    YOU DID WHAT?? Aaaaawww, that is soooo sweet of you!!!! I can’t wait to have it! You are unbelievable.

    *with huge smile on her face*


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