Oak Glen – Riley’s Farm – Apple and Raspberry Picking

Raspberry Picking

Riley’s is the first apple farm as you enter Oak Glen. Its main feature is U-Pick apples, but there are also a lot of activities here designed to educate kids about farm life. During the week they offer educational programs and tours for local schools. The selection of apples raspberries available for U-Pick was extensive and easy to get to. They also have U-Pick pumpkins and U-Press cider. The farm is quite large, and the apple trees are marked with color coded flags so you know what kind of apples you are picking.

You are not suppose to eat the fruit before you buy them, but Raleigh couldn’t resist. Delicious, fresh-picked, red, juicy raspberries. Who can, really?

Raleigh had no problem picking from the apple tree and eating right away.

Shon and I were surprised on how crisp and juicy the apples were. Yummy!

Riley’s Apple Farm
12201 South Oak Glen Road
Yucaipa, CA 92399
(866) 585-6407



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