Bad Ass Art, Clothing and Events WWW.DSTROYR.COM…The Three Questions

Three questions about Dstroyr. com

Jon Chase

1.) Describe is three words?

Future Dreams Now

2.) Where can you by products?
A: online at Outlawswapmeet. com, or check the DSTROYR store list on the blog. Most of the stores are in the Inland Empire, but just got an order from a store in Medford, Oregon. That is pretty awesome, so stoked that independent stores that are willing to carry a small unknown little tiny clothing brand.

A Sneak Peak:

3.) Who would you thank the most for your success?
A: Mom and Dad, mom for being a artist and Dad for being a level thinker. I got a little of both, they always supported me no matter what. Katrina my super awesome fiancee, she really puts up with my crazy.

Maxx242 for believing in me more then I did years ago.

Mr. Barker for giving me a chance to do what I do.

The love of art for helping me decide it was time to go out on my own and do the freelance thing. Grow as an artist and experiment with new ideas, and work towards a new chapter in my life. For me it’s not the end result it’s the process, and the process is barely getting started.


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