Fermentation Status: 5 Brews of Kombucha, Kimchee, Pickled Veggies & 3 loafs of Sourdough Bread

To start with, we have four jars of Kombucha fermenting and waiting to be bottled and put into the fridge.

Next, we have out big monster jar of continuous brew of Kombucha. The jar we purchased at Happy Herbalist, which has tons of supplies for natural healing.

I, personally, like to drink Kombucha this way….natural, room-temperature and right from the scoby.

We are making our own Kimchee and Pickled Veggies. I gave on some Kimchee to Mariana, Grandma and put some in Shon’s lunch. I refrigerated some of the Pickled Vegetables to have as a snack throughout the day and will continue to ferment the rest of them for another day or so.

Now, my latest fermentation, Sourdough Bread. The picture below shows the “sponge” stage of the fermentation process. I still have to add 2 cups of flour, let rise and kneed. The process of making the sourdough “starter” is easy, click here to find out how.

Los and lots of ecosystems are growing in my kitchen!!!


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  1. Karri
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 03:52:44

    You have a wonderful site with lots of great information. I will be passing it along to a couple of friends who are interested in learning more about culturing and fermentation.

    I have a quick question for you.
    Today when I uncovered my sourdough starter (I’ve kept it going for some months now) to stir and feed it, I found what appeared to be a SCOBY!
    Imagine my surprise!
    I also make Kombucha, although there is no way that any cross-contamination occurred. It only makes sense that it could grow on its own in the sourdough culture, I’ve just never seen or heard of it before.
    Have you ever experienced this?
    It looks identical to a kombucha SCOBY.
    I just removed it. I assume the started is fine.
    Thoughts, comments?

    Thank you,


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