Stylin Nook, Riverside CA – Hair by Mariana – The Three Questions!!!

Stylin Nook is a quiet, quaint, stylish hair salon located in Riverside at 3765 Jurupa Ave. Mariana is the owner and one, of the three, stylist at her shop. She has come up with fun, creative and eccentric ways to do hair and spice up her salon. It’s full of fun, chatter and excellent hair cuts.

She specializes in women and men’s custom haircuts, corrective color, foil weaving (multi-colors), color, up-do’s, custom extensions, facial waxing, make-up and making you feel 100% glamorous.

I have asked her three questions about her shop and herself. Here is Mariana had to say:

1.) List three words that describes both, you and Stylin Nook.

three words to describe the shop and myself: Fun, Creative and and all around Good Vibes.

2.) What was your biggest mistake? How did you fix it?

I was doing black and blonde chunks and made the mistake of buying “blue” black and rinsed the color right out. It turned the blonde chucks all grey-bleuish. It was horrible! I may have had a slight heart attack.

I just had to pin up all the black chunks and color delete all the blonde to take out that ugly ugly grey blue color from the blonde, then it was perfect! Whew!

3.) What is the funniest thing said in your shop while you were doing hair?

I did have one client ask if there was a such thing as dying pubic……..and the funny thing is that there is!!!!!! you can change it pink, purple, blue, all kinds of fun stuff. My friend told me she seen it at a naughty girl party lol……….

Extra Extra: They have a Manicurist coming in in September!! Come see Stylin Nook for an AWESOME Manicure and Pedicure!!

For an appointment please call (951)781-3790 or send an email thru Stylin Nooks’ Myspace.

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Here’s a couple hair cuts of mine that Mariana did…


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