Kombucha – Another Batch + Our New Jar

Yesterday, arrived our new wide-mouth glass jar (with a spout) for a continuous brew of Kombucha.

I am so so so excited!!!

We bought the jar from Happy Herbalist.com which has a smörgåsbord of herbal medicine supplies. We also bought the book Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz which I am currently reading. The book explains Kombucha well, but also dives into all kinds of Fermentation with tea, grains, vegetables, fruit, cheese, ect. I have started my second batch of Kimchi and my first batch of cilantro-garlic pickled vegetables (which will be posted soon).

Back to our continuous brew of Kombucha!!! In the picture below, we have already made the green tea with the sugar. We have not yet put the Scoby in or the “starter” tea (left of Kombucha tea from the previous brew).

We then added the scoby from our last batch. The scoby grew another one underneath while fermenting. With your hands, peel apart the scobies and add one to the next batch and leave the other in the jar it just came from for another brew.

We placed the scoby into the new jar.

Then we poured in the “starter” tea…

We then covered the Jar with the cloth and secured it with a rubber band.

Now, we wait a week or so and then we will have Kombucha from a SPOUT!!!


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