Our Day on Balboa Island

The day started out early………We left Mira Loma about 8:00a.m and headed to Orange County to spend the day on Balboa Island. It took us only 45 minutes to get there and Raleigh slept the entire way.  We began the  adventure on the Newport Beach side of the peninsula and rode the fairy across to Balboa Island. It’s only $1.00 to go across for one direction…………….Inexpensive and fun for us. …………Raleigh enjoyed watching the water pass by us while we cruised across the ocean…………..

…….It was a perfectly warm cloudy day. Extremely comfortable and calming….there were a lot of people out this morning enjoying the beautiful scenery.

….As for Raleigh, he ate a graham cracker as he examined everything going on around him.

……………..Once, we got onto the island, we walk along the boardwalk to Marine Street, the main drag of Balboa. We ate at Wilma’s Patio, a cozy quaint restaurant, that is famous for their breakfast. We ate blueberry wheat pancakes and fruit.

On our way home, we went shopping at Mother’s Market and stopped by Hawlewood’s Barber Shop to pick up some Layrite pomade for Shon.

Fun morning…..

We’ll have to do it again sometime soon. Hopefully, with Shon next time…


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  1. Shon Lawhon
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 04:14:28

    I was definitely there in spirit, and now with this blog post I feel like I was actually there enjoying the day with you.
    Love Daddy


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