Raleigh’s First Birthday – Fourth of July

tis to thee...

tis to thee...

Friday, the Fourth of July was Raleigh’s first birthday. It started with Raleigh waking up at 5:00 a.m, as usual. We didn’t waste a minute to rip thru the streaming we hang all around the night before. There were streamers everywhere waiting for his arrival to the living room. There, I had all his gifts laid out for him. Once he opened all the toys, which was mainly sand and water toys, we played with them outside for a long while.

Once he woke up from his first nap, we headed to grandmas and grandpas were we all gathered together; Shon, myself, Raleigh, grandma, grandpa, Dale (my brother) and Lisa, my sister and headed downtown Corona for the Fourth of July Parade which Dale played the Saxophone in the marching band.

All of us enjoyed the outdoors, patriotic colors, and the spirit of American pride. It hit me deeply a few times that day that my son is already a warrior to have been born on this spacial day. I am already so proud of him and my family.

Soon, after the parade Raleigh went down for his second nap. Boy, was he tired this time. The parade was a lot to take in for such a little guy. However, he did great and loved every minute of it.

Then, it was pool time!!! Yeah. Swim’n and play’n. Shon would throw Raleigh so high in the air and both were having a blast.

Whow ah!!!

Whow ah!!!

My husband would agree that his birthday celebration was more for us. We teared up with joy many many times that day. Many thanks goes out to Shon, Cindy (grandma), Dad (Grandpa), Dale, and Lisa. The day was perfect!

There are more pictures of this day @ http://www.myspace.com/kristalawhon



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